You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

Welcome to gonepausal, the official site for the 27 million American women who are currently experiencing menopause - the major life change that our mothers didn't talk about except under cover of darkness and only with their image in the mirror!  

Well, I am out to change all that because I'm a baby boomer woman and we boomer women have never been shy to talk about formerly taboo topics!  I've found the humor in my menopausal life and now I want to share it with you.  
Read, enjoy and I can't wait to hear what you think, too.     - Gail

Great moments in gonepausal history!

Was it a menopausal lapse in judgment when Snow White moved in with seven men so she could cook and clean for them; had she gonepausal?  And what was really going on with the Evil Queen?  

These never-before-told stories and more are the great moments in gonepausal history.  Read more...

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The Men's Room

Find out what the other half of the population thinks about menopause and the women they love....check out The Men's Room

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Gonepausal the blog is an oft-cranky, American Princess view of life with menopause.  Memory loss, sagging dull skin, lifeless hair, sleeplessness.  A cranky attitude and lack of sex drive.  
I'm not going crazy, Gail told herself while going through all of the list of symptoms above...I've gonepausal. 
Ladies, you've got to laugh because you can't pay your way back to 40 and no amount of money will buy you out of - or around - this major life change.  

Gonepausal will redefine the way you look at this part of your life and help you to ease through it with a fabulous sense of humor.  Enjoy!

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