You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

Hot Bachelorette - For the Girl Next door With an Edge.

Neiman Marcus -  The Mother Ship

Barneys   - Because it's there

Prada - If you win the lottery

Kate Spade   - If you like to hike in high heels or climb on phone books to disengage a smoke alarm - get them there!

Target   The new Bergdorfs!  Love love love it!

Here Women Talk - Great internet radio shows for women and more

Marc Jacobs  - Found really fabulous rain boots in candy colors - $28.00!

NY Times Style Pages - Catch up with the latest New York trends

Vibrant Nation  -  Everything for and about women

Bergdorf Goodman  - Why not right?

Style in the Streets  - Great fashion photos from the street - fashion in real life and real time