You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

Welcome to The Men's Room - a special place for MEN ONLY.

I've created The Men's Room as the  place to tell your stories and air your grievances.  Gentlemen, this is the place to express your thoughts and feelings about the gonepausal women you know and love. 

But be gentle with us pausal princesses as we rant, rave, sweat, and suddenly act differently in this new phase of our lives.  I'm sure it's confounding and confusing for you and all men.  

I hope gonepausal has made you laugh as well as given you insight into mid-life women.  Write as often as you want, and don't worry, you can remain anonymous if you prefer, just let me know.   

And don't forget to close the door behind you.    
                             - Gail

Welcome to the Gonepausal Mens Room

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The Men's Room: Come On In!