You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!


Lessons Learned

There are three stages in a woman's life: Pre-Pausal, Pausal and  Post-Pausal.  Now that's not rocket science - it's just pure logic.  Most guys start off marrying pre-pausal women.  We spawn children with them and a large number of couple manage to hang in until the chicks leave the proverbial nest.  But by then the magic is generally long-gone.

Now I'm not telling  you anything you don't already know.  Over 50% of marriages in North America end in divorce, so I ask you, what percentage are really happy?  In many cases I believe Menopause (male and female) is a major contributing factor to marriage breakdown.  From personal experience dredged from the deep recesses of fading memory, I remember the mood swings, dishes flung across the kitchen, the crying and screaming.  I also think back to the futile attempts (few and far between) to recapture that which could no longer be recaptured.

I'm not trying to point the finger of blame ( which finger I will leave to your imagination).  My first wife was fond of telling people that I didn't get grey hair - I gave it!  Yes, she was witty. 

Like many 50 year old veterans of Menopause (female AND male) I soon found myself a woman 15 years younger than myself and she became wife #2 .  I never stopped to consider that the time would come when she too would pass from Pre-Pausal to Pausal.  Now 16 years later I'm back on the market. (Watch for my next contribution entitled "The Pitfalls of Internet Dating.)

This time around (the last time around?????), I'm going for Post-Pausal.  If you can' remember exactly where you were when JFK was shot, please don't apply.

- anonymous in Palm Desert, CA 

The Men's Room: "Lessons Learned"