You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

My kind of town, Chicago is...

(April 22)  The 2,000 mile trip is over and Beefy Boy Elliot and I are back in Chicago.  Emily is home in Los Angeles.  Ironically as much as I complained and whined about driving across the country and begged and pleaded with Emily to drive with me we had a blast.  It was like a high school slumber party every night only better because we didn’t have to sneak the drinks and could stay up as late as we wanted.   We’ve already lamented we  didn’t keep driving to keep the fun going.  I’m not sure the dog is lamenting.  Believe it or not we’ve vowed to make a big car schlep an annual event.  Irony of all ironies.

I feel like I’ve re-entered reality as Palm Springs is very la de dah and nothing much happens on any given day.  I hadn’t been back in Chicago for more than an hour when I was in a big ass hurry again.  I have no idea why but I was rushing around – gearing up for something for no particular reason.  I’m back in a tizzy.  I’m gearing up for the Chicago Art Fair next week where I’ll be giving tours to museum groups from around the country.  Yikes and I’m exhausted already….to say nothing of the fact that I have no idea what I’ll wear. I’m having early anxiety about what shoes will be chic yet comfortable.  Heels or flats, that is the question.

My kind of town