You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

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We've all had crazy or funny menopausal moments, haven't we?  Ladies, this is the section devoted to you and your special moments.  I want to share the best comments and stories that I've received about gonepausal and my sometimes crazy life. 

If something's on your mind and you want to vent, be my guest.  Rant, rave, laugh or complain -- anything you want to say, send it to me.  This is the time and place.  Enjoy!

Kay Van Hoesen“OMG! This is hilarious!” - “Mirror Mirror on the Wall I am so Screwed”

Terry“i like it!” “Twitter or Neiman Marcus”

Anonymous“You certainly have a wonderful way with words.” “Hot not Formerly Hot for Me”

Shirley“Great post! You made me laugh and after reading the email news each morning, I need to laugh.” "Kloutless in Chicago"

Dennis"Another entertaining and thought-provoking blog. I love how your writing strikes such a responsive chord. Keep it up Gail!" "Father's Day is Hard or Dad likes Cake."

Kit“Thanks, Gail, for another entertaining column. Gonna save it to re-read if I feel glum. Your last line is priceless.”  "Am I Carrie Bradshaw or Roseanne?"

Anonymous"You are funny! Thanks for a good laugh!" "Queen of One Date Tells All"

Rose"You make me laugh so hard!!!" "18 seconds of fame on a bad hair day"

Anonymous"Excuse me but the Valium line is to the right." I laughed out loud. "Help my house is surrounded by the Starbuck's Police!"

Judy T. – Hi Gail, Just a note to tell you again how much I love your writing. I think an anecdotal book may be in your future. Whatever- I look forward to each story and always smile and feel good after reading them.. Keep it up! Hope to run into you one of these days-meanwhile, thanks again for all the fun.

Anonymous"You are funny! Thanks for a good laugh! ;)"  

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