You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

Had the Wicked Queen gonepausal? Great Moments in Gonepausal History

The Wicked Queen and Her Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”  

Poor old wicked queen, Snow White's nemesis.  Before you pass judgment, think for a minute about how she felt: looking at the dewy-skinned Snow White with her lovely thick dark hair and taut little body, not a wrinkle on her face or any sign of nasal-labial folds around her mouth.  There she was, scampering around with no arthritis in either knee and not a hint of lower back pain.

Our poor queen has been given a bad rap by readers everywhere.  Who can blame her for being a little cranky?  She looks in the mirror and wants to burst into tears as her days of youthful beauty are over, and to top it off she’s in menopause.  Her skin is dry, her hair thinning, her once perky breasts sagging, oy and the wrinkles, to say nothing of aching knees and back.  Of course she wants nothing to do with little Ms. White! 

Perhaps our Queen wasn’t evil after all.  Perhaps she had just ... gonepausal.


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Great Moments: The Wicked Queen