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2010 Came to an End

(Dec) Another road trip for “Beefy Boy” began on December 1st. He stared menacingly at me and the car as I packed the trunk once again for southern CA. “Say good-bye to Chicago winters buddy. We hate the cold remember?” I tried to re-assure him but he wasn’t buying my line of reasoning. He reluctantly climbed in the back seat and braced himself for 3 days on the road. The minute we left the snow arrived. Narrow escape but we made it.

Film Festival Fun

(Jan - May 2011) January brought a new adventure as I had acquired a “press pass” to the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Wow, never had one of those before and hung it proudly around my neck. Now what to do with it? I was reporting on films for the radio show on which I became a co-host YAK, which is part of the Zeuss Radio Network. This seemed simple except there were 175 films. I had access to all the directors for interviews and had no clue whom to pick. I either got lucky or am a very good selector because I chose “A Not So Still Life” the documentary about Ginny Ruffner a famous glass artist who was nearly killed in a devastating car accident and remained comatose for a month. Ginny however was a force to be reckoned with as she fought her way back to make unbelievable glass pieces once again. The film won best documentary pick by the public. I interviewed Karen Stanton the film maker and Ginny Ruffner which was a moving and amazing experience. Karen agreed to be a guest on YAK , a treat for anyone listening as she talked about Ginny and her unfathomable resolve as well as being a young film maker in a highly competitive field.

I realized too late however, that the best place to plant myself in order to meet and talk to directors, producers etc. is the press lounge at the cocktail hour. No one can resist free food and drinks and this is where everyone gathered. Next year you can find me there every night!

Laura Munson and Me

(Feb) I was so excited to have New York Times best selling author Laura Munson ("This is Not the Story You Think It Is") pick my essay, "The Loaded Dishwaher" to be featured on her web-site. It was great to see my piece up on her site. My tale doesn't have quite the "happy" ending her book does.

2011 Comes in like a Lion