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The Hazy Daze of Summer...

(June - Sept) Beefy Boy and I settled into our Chicago digs at the southern tip of Grant Park.  The view is spectacular , over looking the city and lake front.  He isn't tall enough to gaze out the window but he loves the terrace.  Beefy Boy thinks the city is fun because so many people stop to pet him.  Per usual he is far more popular than I am.  I like our trips out to Barrington Hills to ride my horse James, who after a great show career has decided to be a fabulous trail explorer and not spook and fling me into the woods.  I am most grateful.

Regardless of all the fabulous Michigan Avenue stores  at my finger tips including the mother ship, Neiman Marcus I still can't bring myself to shop.  I've tried, oh how I've tried.  The closest I get is purchasing and returning once buyer's remorse sets in which takes 36 hours.  "Oy, what was I thinking?" and back it goes.  Recently however, I'm happy to report I bought three pairs of shoes which although still in the boxes I haven't brought back.

The most fun I've had all summer however was being interviewed on the John Banks show "Bringing Man out of the Cave" on "Here Women Talk" radio.  His premise is to enlighten women about the workings of the male mind.   I will say the two of us don't agree as he is actually a romantic at heart and I'm a bit of the cynic.  You can hear one of the shows on the "home page."  I loved playing the part of the "maybe romance is dead" girl.  My cranky gonepausal point of view really got him going.  I've been on three times and once as a guest co-host...which wasn't quite as much fun as I had to listen more than talk!

My nephew Lou Karsen the noted documentary film maker just shot the first gonepausal video.  I'm dying to see it after all the editing is done.  My Mom the ultimate  fashionista, gave a great performance and tour of her clothes, purses, and make-up,  as well as her tips on looking young!   She is 92 and channeling Coco Chanel.  I'm not sure if Beefy Boy will be edited out, we'll have to wait and see.  He wanted to eat the camera.

Although it's warm and still summery here in early October, my North Face parka is  out of the closet.  I was the first person in the city to wear one this year I think.  So long summer!

the hazy daze of summer