You haven't gone crazy....you've gonepausal!

Gail's back on the road again...

(April 15)

I’m packing up my little car for the long drive across the country from Palm Springs to Chicago.  My beefy boy Lab, Elliot, isn’t quite onto the trip yet, as I pack all his things at the last minute: bed, bowl, biscuits, and food.  He hates these trips and lays in the back seat wishing we’d get there.  Scenery means nothing to him – he just likes to get there.

My friend Emily is driving with me as I begged and begged her to keep me company ; ok I whined and whined.  She thinks it will be fun – it never is.  We’re stopping in Santa Fe for turquoise and silver – I think it’s back as a fashion statement.  That will be the only tourist type stop we make.  They have a great Whole Foods in Santa Fe; it's my favorite. Then it’s drive, drive, drive to make it  to her flight at O’Hare which leaves at 5:15 for LAX to get her back home on April 16.  She’ll never take another car trip.

Stay tuned for pictures along the way!  No one will be smiling.

on the road again